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Raw Milk in Central Florida

What is Causing Raw Milk to Become so Popular These Days?


Nowadays more and more folks are becoming much more savvy about
staying healthy or becoming healthy, and many of these people are
looking into the health benefits of raw milk, which is simply the milk
straight from the cow, not pasteurized, not homogenized.

These people are flocking to buy raw milk even though there are
publich health officials announcing they should avoid raw milk
completely. The thing they are not telling you is pasteurized milk is
more likely to make people sick than raw milk from a healthy cow.

So basically, people are deciding to become more healthy and not
listen to the public health officials who insist on sticking their
nose into their business about what they should eat and drink.

The reason is simple, and that is the public is demanding the health
benefits of raw milk which contains natural enzymes, healthy and
beneficial bacteria, and another calcium. If nothing else, I would say
drink raw milk for the calcium, you will not find a better source. Say
good-bye to your monthly vitamin bill too.

Allergies are another reason to switch to raw milk. Almost anyone who
has developed an allergy to pasteurized milk finds that the allergies
mysteriously disappear when they switch to raw milk.

Still another reason to avoid store-bought milk is the amount of
antibiotics and growth hormones the dairies are pumping into their
cows. Do you really want your family consuming this stuff? Not to
mention pesticides too.


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