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Raw Milk Vs Pasteurized - The Ongoing Debate


If you have done any reading up on raw milk, you can't have missed the ongoing debate and controversy surrounding raw milk vs pasteurized milk. This gets hotly debated on a daily basis somewhere, both online and offline. Starting up a debate about this subject can be perilous to the extent of religion and politics. People are passionate about their raw milk!

The main thing that people seem to be worried about with raw milk is that they may get sick. The fact of the matter is you have a much better chance of getting sick with pasteurized milk (or with peanut butter, bagged spinach, etc) than with raw milk as long as your milk comes from a healthy cow. The big commercial dairies don't worry too much about their cows' health since they know the milk will be pasteurized and they can feed them antibiotics, etc. These are the types of cows you would not want to drink raw milk from.

The raw milk controversy mainly stems from Big Government getting involved in an issue that they don't have any business being involved in (sound familiar?). If they are going to make things illegal that THEY FEEL are unhealthy, why are cigarettes legal? Why is alcohol legal?

Well you could go round and round debating the subject but the bottom line is, get your raw milk from a healthy cow and you need nothing further (i.e. pasteurization) to make is safe for you to drink - you will be just fine and in fact healthier in the long run than those who drink pasteurized milk, which is pretty much dead and does not contain much of anything helpful (very contrary to popular belief).




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