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Raw Milk and Dogs

Many people have climbed aboard the raw milk train lately, and lots of these health-conscious folks have another question - What about raw milk and dogs? Is this healthy? Is it okay to feed? What about what the vets and books generally tell you regarding milk?

If you look up information about milk and dogs, you will usually be admonished to never feed milk to dogs. They can't digest it, it could make them sick, yada yada. All that is probably true when talking about pasteurized milk. But when the discussion turns to fresh raw milk straight from the cow, everything is different.

I don't really know if any official studies have been done about this, but I can just tell you my experiences as well as friends, family, and customers.

I own 5 dogs at the moment. Three are pointers as I am a volunteer with English Pointer rescue and I failed foster 101, i.e. I took in fosters, got attached, and then kept them. So two of my foster pointers are still here with me almost 10 years later....lol.

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Well the point is all my dogs get raw milk almost every day. It would be every day but my raw milk customers have grown a LOT recently and so there are some days I just don't have the extra for them. (Maybe I need another cow?) Not one of my dogs has ever suffered any ill effects and in fact they are super healthy. And they just love their milk.

Friends have had the same results. Also a customer had a dog that had been having seizures and once he started feeding raw milk to his dog, the seizures stopped. (Note: I am not saying raw milk will cure seizures, but just that it seemed to help this particular dog....your mileage may vary.)

A friend of mine has a dog that found raw milk to help her dog's allergies.

And just to show it's not only good for dogs, I read on a message board about horse that had a terrible eye infection which could not be cleared up with multiple antibiotics. The horse was sneaky and stole a bucket of raw milk while the owner wasn't looking (probably 2 gallons), and the next day the eye was better. So he was given the milk for a few more days and it cleared up.

So, to the best of my knowledge, raw milk is great for dogs and other animals as well.


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