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Raw Milk and Allergies


I have had allergies for most of my life, and they normally kick in during the summer months. That is not to say they don't sometimes make an appearance in the winter but it's usually the warm months with the pollen in the air that kicks in my allergies big-time.

Since I've been drinking raw milk my allergies have completely gone away. The only thing I may have now is just a little sneezing episode now and again, but nothing like the full-blown itchy eyes, runny/stuffy nose, horrible feeling I used to have.

It was actually a gradual thing. I noticed a difference right away but I hadn't actually noticed my allergies were totally gone until this summer. I just figured this was another of those "magic" things raw milk does for you. But in talking with a friend of mine who is more knowledgeable about these things than I am, she said the reason is because of not just drinking raw milk, but drinking raw milk from a cow that is eating native grasses and pollen.

This conversation came about because someone had mentioned to me that they were buying milk in Pennsylvania at an Amish farm and having it shipped here to Florida, and apparently they were able to save money by doing this. (I haven't figured out how, with shipping charges, that would be possible!) But when I mentioned this to my friend, she started talking about how the person would not be able to benefit from drinking milk from a cow that is eating local grass and pollen, and everything regarding my allergies suddenly became clear to me. It all makes sense now. And it's kinda cool!

So try to buy your raw milk locally if possible. There are a lot of benefits, and this is just another one to chalk up.

p.s. Don't forget to give some to your dog too! They'll benefit as well.


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