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Raw Milk in Central Florida

Raw Milk - Udderly Amazing?


Despite the scare tactics around every corner proclaiming raw milk is unhealthy and "risky," the number of people who are finding ways to obtain and drink raw milk is increasing by leaps and bounds. They find ways to buy their unpasteurized milk, whether it is through cow shares or buying the milk for their pets to get around state laws, or even buying their own dairy cow and learning how to milk.

Stories of raw milk helping people with their ailment, both chronic and acute, continue to pop up.

A lovely lady and her family stopped by on their way passing through town. She had been drinking raw milk for years and her chronic arthritis had disappeared. However, on her recent 3-month vacation she had not been able to find any farms nearby where she could buy raw milk. During that time her arthritis came back full force. She related this story to me when she stopped by our farm to pick up some raw milk on her way back home.

Another case in point is a woman who had been trying to get pregnant for years and having no luck. She became pregnant 6 months after beginning to drink raw milk.

Don't discount it for your pets either. Dogs with allergies that have been on numerous medications for all their lives suddenly clear up when fed raw milk on a daily basis. Lumps mysteriously disappear.

It's not a miracle cure (maybe) by any means, but it can and does help with many ailments. And it sure beats the stuff from the grocery store by a country mile.

Why not give it a try?




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