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Find Out Why You Should Never Drink Pasteurized Milk


Would it seem crazy to say that you should simply forget everything you've ever heard about pasteurization making milk safe? Well actually that's exactly what you should do. Unfortunately the truth is that pasteurized milk is far more dangerous than raw milk (from a healthy cow) could ever hope to be.

Probably the majority of the people reading this article have, at this time in your life, never experienced the "wonderfulness" of an ice cold glass of creamy delicious raw milk straight from the cow, so it's probably hard for you to even make a judgment as far as taste goes. If all you've experienced is pasteurized "dead" milk from your grocery store, you (to quote a cliche) don't know what you're missing.

But unfortunately bad information about raw milk abounds, and people become scared of it due to all of this misinformation running amok all over the Internet. It actually takes some careful study and reading, and the ability to separate fact from fiction and form your own opinions, to be able to see past the government meddling in your business. And that's basically what it all is. Why should you be told by Big Government what you should drink?

At this particular time you'd be far more likely to get sick from a jar of peanut butter than you would from a glass of raw milk. (Again, we are assuming you are getting your milk from a healthy cow.) But have you noticed that the FDA has put out any mandates that we must stop eating peanut butter? Has the sale of peanut butter been outlawed? No and no.

But let's get on with the subject at hand and the problems of pasteurization of milk. First, the process of pasteurization completely alters the basic structure of your milk. What does this mean? Well, when your milk undergoes the heating of pasteurization, it undergoes a process which converts the lactose sugar into beta lactose which is why many people are allergic to regular pasteurized milk from the store. Milk in its raw form contains everything necessary to digest milk, but that is not so after it has been pasteurized and homogenized.

Pasteurization also destroys the vitamins in raw milk. Milk in its raw state is one of the very best (if not the best) forms of calcium. However, once it is heated, your body is not able to absorb these nutrients any longer. Not only that, but pasteurization also kills all the enzymes, friendly bacteria, antibodies, and even the CLA which is said to fight cancer.

Food for thought: The friendly bacteria in raw milk destroys any harmful pathogens, so when you kill this off, your pasteurized milk is more likely to contain dangerous bacteria. Doesn't this go right against what the FDA keeps touting?

You must do your research and form your opinions and decisions based on your own findings and research.



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