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Cow Shares - What Exactly is This?

Well if you have been doing any investigating about raw milk you may have heard the term "cow shares" being discussed on websites or message boards or possibly in an article. Just what are people talking about when they mention cow shares or herd shares.

This practice has come about due to raw milk being illegal to sell in some states, but yet you can drink the milk from your own cow. Therefore, what people do for a solution to this problem is they buy a "share" in a cow so that they are part legal owner of the cow or herd of cows, and therefore, they are able to drink the milk.

They pay the farmer, not for the milk, but for the upkeep of their cow or herd. What their money might go toward would be things such as feed for the cow, boarding fees for the cow, general upkeep, veterinary costs, etc.

So if your state does not allow the sale of raw milk, check into purchasing a share in a cow and enjoy the benefits of owning your part of a cow. However, keep in mind that some states do not allow this practice either, and it does vary from state to state.

There is no set price to buy a share, as eash farmer sets their own price. Some charge on a weekly basis, some monthly.

The benefits of cow sharing are to the small dairy owner so that he does not go out of business, and also to yourself so that you are guaranteed a supply of healthy fresh raw milk on an ongoing basis.










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