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Raw Milk Being Thrown Out by the Gallons? Check Out This Bizarre Raw Milk Practice

Okay, for anyone who has read any of my articles on raw milk or has checked out anything on my raw milk sites, you know that I am a big fan in the health benefits of this "liquid gold." My family drinks it, my friends drink it, and even my dogs get some every day. Well, I just learned about something yesterday that is so amazingly bizarre to me that I am still puzzling over it.

First, a little background. My family and friends have been drinking raw milk which is unpasteurized milk straight from the cow (or goat, sheep, camel, etc) for quite a while now. In the interim we have seen some absolutely amazing health benefits all the way from seeing seizures go away, allergies stop, wacky lab values return to normal, as well as many other benefits and just a general feeling of well being. Of course we are referring to milk which is obtained from a healthy cow only (this is of great importance).

Now, this stuff is not exactly cheap. I don't even know what a gallon of milk is going for in the stores these days because I haven't bought it in such a long time, but I would venture maybe around 3 to 5 bucks per gallon, something like that. The raw counterpart can vary widely but I have paid and/or seen it priced anywhere from 10 dollars a gallon all the way up to 20 dollars per. I know that many of you are probably shocked at the prices, but anyone who regularly purchases unpasteurized milk is probably nodding their head in agreement. Now, that is not to say that you cannot, on occasion and in certain areas, find it a bit cheaper, but those are what I would consider fairly average prices in my neck of the woods.

Okay, here is what happened. I found myself in need of a new milk cow and started checking the local classified ads online. After a couple of weeks of not really finding much of anything, I happened upon an ad that looked good so I set up an appointment to go check out the cow. Skipping ahead, we ended up deciding to buy this cow, a beautiful brown swiss, and I spent some time chatting with her very nice owners. It turns out that they do a lot of showing, and they have quite a few dairy cows. I should stress that these are DAIRY cows. Right? So, many of them are in milk. Well, it turns out that they do not milk their cows (they keep the ones in milk at a dairy down the road - the dairy keeps their milk in return for their care while they are "fresh" or in milk).

These people do not drink the milk, do not milk the cows, and could not care less about any of it. They simply show the cows. In fact, the owner of this cow told me that had they known me the week before they would have given me a ton of milk because they threw it all out when they were at the fair.

You see, when they take the cows to different festivals and fairs to be shown, they have to go ahead and milk them on their own and they simply toss out all the milk. Yes, milk that is selling for $10.00 to $20.00 per gallon around here.

I was so shocked to hear of this. I even asked her if this was the typical mindset of those who show dairy cows on the circuit she is familiar with, and she said, yes, it was. So, all these beautiful dairy cows, all this beautiful raw milk, and it all gets tossed out like old bathwater? Seriously?

Yes. Seriously.To be honest, had I been able to obtain this milk, I probably would have simply kept it for my dogs (I feed them raw milk and they are super healthy) because I am scrupulous about my practices with raw milk in that I milk the cow, strain the milk, and put it in the freezer for an hour or two right away for the milk our family drinks. Obviously that would be hard to do at the fairs/festivals. But still....just the idea of all that milk being thrown out!

So now you know where you can obtain raw milk for free if you are so inclined.



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