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Benefits of Raw Milk - Why Skim Milk Makes You Fatter

For many years it has been a foregone conclusion by most people that the healthiest way to consume milk is by drinking skim milk. But recently more and more people are learning of the benefits of raw milk as well as the fact that low-fat milk is not as healthy as most believe.

But is this fact or fiction? Shouldn't we believe the TV commercials and all the ads stating how healthy the skim variety of milk is for everyone? Why would they lie? I mean, really, it stands to reason that anything without the fat is much better for us than the whole-fat version. Correct?

Wrong. Prepare to rethink what you know about milk.

First let us get rid of one fallacy which is that skim milk is actually milk that has had the cream skimmed off the top. That actually sounds logical but it is not how is done. At least not in this modern world. That process would not remove all the cream so what is done in modern processing is the milk is spun around with centrifuges, eventually completely separating the cream (fat) and milk. It is first clarified, then separated, then pasteurized (or ultra pasteurized), and then finally homogenized. This over-processing has now removed every healthy vitamin, living enzyme, and natural mineral. Welcome to your now-dead beverage.

Did you know whole raw milk is a complete food that you can live on quite nicely just by itself? However, the cream is essential for this to happen. Skim milk will not support life. So by removing the cream you have essentially turned the milk into something completely useless, especially the pasteurized variety as you have not only removed the healthy fat but you have also as stated removed the living nutrients.

Here is something else to consider. Farmers often feed skim milk to pigs. Why? To fatten them up. Whole milk is not generally fed to the pigs as it keeps them lean. This seeming paradox is found to be the case for people as well. Contrary to popular opinion, the low-fat version of milk not only is totally unhealthy but may cause you to gain weight.

Why then is this non-healthy cream-less milk being marketed around as if it is the answer to all our weight-loss and health problems? Why aren't more people aware of the benefits of raw milk? The reason is simple: Dollars.

Years ago whole milk was what most people purchased, and the cream was skimmed and sold to people for use in their coffee or to whip up for desserts. The leftover milk was then thrown out because there was not any use for it. But someone saw the dollar signs and through clever marketing made it common belief that we should not be drinking beneficial raw whole milk but should instead by consuming over-processed low-fat or no-fat milk.

Consumers need to do their homework. Don't trust blindly that what you are being marketed as healthy is in fact really good for you at all.


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