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Raw Milk in Central Florida

What is the Real Truth about Raw Milk?


Curious about raw milk? You've come to the right place. On this site you will find information on raw milk including articles and many other tidbits of information on the benefits of raw (unpasteurized, unhomogenized, straight from the cow to you) milk versus the pasteurized milk found in the stores. Take some time and look around, there is a wealth of information.

Sale of raw milk is illegal in many states, legal for sale for animal consumption only in others, and just a few states allow raw milk to be sold in stores for human consumption.

In most states, you cannot simply walk into a store and purchase a gallon of raw milk. I find this a bit nuts considering all the other things you can purchase that have been proven again and again to harm or even kill (cigarettes,anyone? ). And what about raw spinach, peanut butter, and hamburger making many people sick recently? But you are perfectly able to walk into any store and purchase these items without any hassle.

Not so with raw milk, a product that it so amazing and that so few people know so little about.

But people are learning, and the raw milk "underground" is becoming more and more popular, and folks are out there spreading the raw milk gospel. More and more people are demanding the right to purchase this liquid gold.

Those who drink raw milk note many health benefits. You may find that your stomach and digestion issues clear up on a raw milk regimen. Allergies often vanish as well. Children with autism have been placed on raw milk and shown amazing improvement.

Accolades for raw milk abound, and some even feed it to their dogs and notice a decrease or total elimination of the flea population among many other health benefits.

Is raw milk the cure-all for every disease known to mankind? Perhaps not, but its benefits are truly wonderful. As you will realize, after perusing this site and reading some of the articles and information, the process of pasteurizing milk kills the friendly bacteria and vital nutrients in raw "real" milk which is what makes it so healthy. Keep in mind that in the "olden days" people existed without any pasteurization process and they had far less health problems.

If you are lactose intolerant, you will likely be able to drink raw milk.

There are those who go so far as to say pasteurization makes the milk toxic, and people are doing more harm than good in drinking milk from the store. Do enough research on the topic and you may come to the same conclusion.

Another thing to consider with store-bought milk from the big dairy companies is the health of the cow. They are kept in feed lots and fed large amounts of grain which is the worst thing you can do for a cow. You would not want to drink raw milk from such an animal. However, the small family-owned dairy farms that you can find scattered throughout the country know that a cow should be grass fed or at the most, very minimal grain, for optimum health.

If you can find such a farm near you willing to share their milk, you can't do much better for your health.



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